Freelance UX Consultant

For the past 9 years, I have helped companies grow through design, creating digital products people want to use.

I help shape digital interfaces by facilitating collaboration, communication and design thinking. From research to problem definition to pixel-pushed design systems - I influence sustainable change at brands so they can grow for the years to come.

For the past 9 years, I have helped companies grow through design, creating digital products people want to use.

Worked with


"Arslan has been an important part in helping Freshsound reach next level! During his time with us, he did not only coach me and the rest of the team in design principles, but also led with a team-first and inclusive mindset.

It is critical for a startup (or any company for that matter) to have individuals on the team who take responsibility, roll up their sleeves and get things done while bringing the rest of the team along for the ride."


Sara Larsson

Co-Founder & COO, Freshsound


Incorporated UX Designer

For established companies looking for a UX member

Electronic Arts, Sveriges Radio, Swedbank, Freshsound

From 0 to 1

For early stage startups

Club JDM, Byva, Capchap, Holistikah, Hilma

Selected work

Increasing self-service for 2 million banking customers

Swedbank • UX Lead

How can Swedbank enhance the first interaction in the app to deliver greater value to a larger number of customers?


63% increase in customer satisfaction using the home page.

Reducing steps to finding budget management, accounts and transactions, the most common information customers look for.

Decrease in internal politics due to introduced governance, and in turn drove down the lead time for teams in creating valuable features for users on the start page.


Creating bite-sized news; increasing the listening time and content discovery

Swedish Radio • UX Designer

Swedish Radio produces 10,000+ hours of content each year. How might we help users find more relevant content to each listener in the app?


Through collaboration with Ekot, one of Sweden's major news organizations, we successfully fragmented news recordings into smaller snippets and categorized them based on relevant topics. This allowed consumers to explore news content by specific subjects, leading to increased discovery and overall listening time.

Home page with news clip from Ekot.


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