Methods & Tools

By working for small and large organizations for the last 8+ years, and starting two of my own companies, I have experienced different challenges, situations and tools.

Through these experiences, I have learned that there is not one way forward. Instead, the methods and tools are different depending on the team, the project and its constraints.

I therefore approach tasks and projects with two ears, willing to learn and adjust as I go.

Skill chart

My guiding principles

No matter the challenge or team, I always have a set of guiding work principles.


Working as a team where everyone feels safe is essential. I bring an authentic attitude and feel enjoyment working in a diverse environment. Collaboration with people across different disciplines is at the core of my process.


Alignment with stakeholders to get a shared understanding of what a successful outcome looks like and when it needs to happen combined with transparency during the whole process is key to success.

Design thinking

Exploring different paths before picking and refining a particular direction. I am comfortable with the nonlinear and iterative nature of digital product development.

Listening over Selling to customers

Relentlessly taking a customer perspective, putting the customer at the heart of business decisions leads to meaningful products that consumers want.


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