Senior UX Designer Freelance • 2023

Holistikah aims to create a comprehensive platform catering to individuals seeking alternative wellness. Their objective is to develop a space where practitioners can present their services and events, while enabling clients to effortlessly explore activities aligning with their needs and aspirations.

The team approached me to explore how we could go from idea to a minimum viable product (MVP).



Phase 1 - Problem definition and outcome mapping

To get a good understanding of Holistikah, including their research and direction, I organized a series of workshops to define the problem-space and explore the needs & drivers of their target user.

During the workshops, we aligned on a couple of hypotheses that were derived from previous research. We also documented our riskiest assumptions and prioritized strategies to address them. With the work defined, we had one last roadmap workshop with the aim to align on outcomes and expected milestones.

With a clear definition of the concept, the problem it solves, the target audience, and the market potential, we proceeded to develop an information architecture and prototypes.


Phase 2 - Validation by testing with prototypes

The focus of this second phase was to validate our ideas and test our riskiest assumptions with potential customers, ensuring that we avoid developing something that would be of no use.

Feedback from potential users led us to reconsider certain aspects of the product, particularly those related to how providers manage staff and handle schedules for different locations.

In a relatively short period, after undergoing several feedback cycles, we successfully mitigated some of the project's risks. This can have saved the company a significant amount of money by preventing the development of features and workflows that would not have been effective or valuable to customers.


Phase 3 - Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Based on insights gained during the validation phase, we defined the feature set for the MVP. We grouped the features according to the problems they solved for the different user groups we had identified. Additionally, we classified the solutions as "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves," providing us with guidance on how to prioritize our time and efforts.

Subsequently, my focus shifted to creating user flows and high-fidelity wireframes. I first concentrated on implementing all the "must-haves," while simultaneously establishing the Design System.


Design System with Tokens, built to scale

No matter the size of the company, my priority is always to provide scalable and accessible design. I aim to ensure that every company and client can seamlessly continue their work from where I left off. Thorough documentation and collaborative efforts with teams are central to my approach in creating an understandable, usable, and scalable Design System.

For Holistikah, I developed a light theme including fonts, colors, borders, shadows, and more. Additionally, each component is accompanied by documentation for both small and large screens.



  • Idea validation by collecting feedback from potential customers or experts in the industry.
  • Problem definition and goals. List outcomes and problems we want to solve.
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - Planning and execution.
  • Develop prototypes of key flows that demonstrate the user interface, flow, and key features of the product.
  • Creating of all flows.
  • English copy for the whole platform.
  • Build a design System in Figma, including Figma tokens.

Jonas Hedlund

Co-founder, Holistikah

"Arslan represents a unique combination of an extremely structured mindset and impressive UX design skills. Arslan made a huge impression on me personally and he became an invaluable contribution to our latest project. I can strongly recommend Arslan!"


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