Founder 2021-2022

Branding • Financing • Design System • JTBD (Job Map & Canvas) • Information Architecture • Research • Business Strategy • Web development


Two friends and myself took the leap and started a company. Byva was an iPhone and iPad app that aids with inspecting buildings and generating legal documents for all parties, on the fly. Users could quickly search information, generate protocols and collaborate - substantially speeding up the process.

While it wasn't a monetary success. We gave it a shot, I did my best and learned a lot about execution, building a company and a product. Learnings I take with me for my coming work with others and my own projects.

My work

  • Research the need through qualitative interviews. Insights presented as Job Stories to the team.
  • Ideation and validation through rapid prototyping and testing with a group of inspectors.
  • Building the brand and a design system for iOS.
  • Facilitating the team in working in Lean Start-up ways of working.
  • Finance & Investments & Legal work
Full landing page mock for Byva



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