Product Designer Freelance • 2022
Blockchain • Tailwind • Design System • JTBD (Job Map & Canvas) • Information Architecture

Mock of Capchap interface.


The team at Capchap is building a self-service tool for companies to manage corporate actions and share transactions in their share ledger, secured with blockchain technology.


The team had come a long way with the blockchain backend, next up was to create the interface. Capchap contracted me and a frontend developer to deliver the foundation with a 6 month deadline.


  • Planned and executed workshops to align the team on MVP.
  • Planned and iteratively worked through all features.
  • Built and launched a design system with guidelines and components.
  • Research through competitor analysis and interviews.
  • Artifacts created according to Jobs To Be Done, like JTBD Canvas, Job Performers and Job Map.

Erik Akterin

Chief Operating Officer, Capchap

"Arslan has been working with us at Capchap for a large part of 2022, laying the foundation for our web application's user experience.

He is very methodical and skilled in taking a complex problem space and breaking it down into clear user journeys and flows. He is detailed focused without losing sight of the bigger picture, and has a very clear sense of responsibility and ownership of his end product. He is easy and fun to collaborate with. I can highly recommend hiring Arslan for any UX-related work!"

Mock of Capchap interface.
Mock of Capchap mobile interface.
Information architecture of Capchap's product.
Mock of Capchap decrease share capital interface.
Job to be done canvas with Capchap.
Workshop, planning the interface features of Capchap's product.


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