Electronic Arts

Junior Designer Full-time 2015 - 2017

UX Designer Full-time 2017

Console gaming • Heads-up Display • Wordpress • Web Development • Branding

Article page for Speedhunters.


Electronic Arts (EA) is a global video game company. I was headhunted for the Need for Speed R&D department due to a community I had built for people interested in cars. Need for Speed later hired me for a UX role.


Support a game franchise to stay on-thread through the R&D platform Speedhunters and later design a UI that enhances the driving and game experience.

Outcomes • Junior Designer at Speedhunters

  • Develop the brand, produce assets, document and inform the rest of the organization.
  • Work with partners and explore new collaborations that later could be introduced to Need for Speed.
  • Develop and maintain the Speedhunters website, including blog, e-commerce and CMS.
Article and gallery mock of Speedhunters website.
Home page redesign for Speedhunters.

Outcomes • UX Designer for Need for Speed

  • Make sure the game interface is optimal in terms of accessibility, communication, immersion and adhere to best practices of user interface design principles and guidelines.
  • Design of UI elements, both in-game and menu.
  • Work on gameplay and how the driving experience could be tweaked to augment the gaming experience.
Need for Speed Payback heads up display
Need for Speed Payback heads up display with focus on navigation.
Need for Speed Payback heads up display


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