Services & Methods

By working for small and large organizations for almost a decade, and starting two of my own companies, I have experienced different challenges, situations and tools.

Through these experiences, I have learned that there is not one way forward. Instead, the methods and tools I use depend on the team, the project and its constraints.

I therefore approach work with two ears, willing to learn and adjust as I go.

Skill chart


Incorporated UX Designer

You are an established company and need a UX member in a team. 

Drive and lead the end-to-end product design process, from discovery to implementation.

Work closely and collaborate with Product Managers, Engineers, Designers, Researchers, and Marketeers.

Transform complex and abstract concepts and challenges into well-articulated, tangible solution ideas with a strong problem-solving mindset and craft excellence.

Use human-centered design methodologies and practices to elevate the customer centricity in the team and stakeholders around me (e.g. conduct workshops, brainstorming sessions, sprints, etc.)

Help shape the culture of a growing design community and leadership in your company.

From 0 to 1

You are an early stage startup.

Previous companies: Club JDM, Byva, Capchap, Holistikah, Hilma

Help you figure out your core value proposition and who your target customer is through research, prototyp testing and team workshops, finding the product-market fit.

Help you navigate and prioritize tasks and projects during the first phase of your product. Do you need to spend time on an animation? Probably not. 

Do research, user testing and validation to ensure you are on track to deliver value to potential customers.

Help shape the team, using my broad designer skill set in a cross-functional product team and mentoring others.

Produce a desgin system, wireframes, mock-ups, prototypes and sketches to illustrate ideas in an iterative design process.

Do more than what my job entails. A startup needs to move quickly and has a limited time and money, and I want to help you succedd. I will use my knowledge from previous jobs to help with branding, customer acquisition and analytics. 

My guiding principles

No matter the challenge or team, I always have a set of guiding work principles.


Working as a team where everyone feels safe is essential. I bring an authentic attitude and feel enjoyment working in a diverse environment. Collaboration with people across different disciplines is at the core of my process.


Alignment with stakeholders to get a shared understanding of what a successful outcome looks like and when it needs to happen combined with transparency during the whole process is key to success.

Design thinking

Exploring different paths before picking and refining a particular direction. I am comfortable with the nonlinear and iterative nature of digital product development.

Listening over Selling to customers

Relentlessly taking a customer perspective, putting the customer at the heart of business decisions leads to meaningful products that consumers want.


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